Norwood League is the domestic basketball arm of the Norwood Basketball Club which purpose is to provide a basketball competition for players to develop and enjoy the sport without the time and financial commitments of district basketball.

District basketball is a competitive environment that emphasises winning, and places a burden on money and time with games played all over Adelaide. By running domestic leagues we are able to provide competitions that benefit from the skills, knowledge and resources of the Norwood Basketball Club and allows coaches, players and referees to develop their skills and passion for the game away from the pressure of district competition.

Our leagues act as a stepping stone for many towards district participation at Norwood, and acts as a way to retain participants in the sport.

Norwood League has run for many years across both after school time-slots and Saturdays. With our move into the new five court facility at The ARC, Campbelltown, and with us now providing our services to the junior competitions within the City of Tea Tree Gully stadiums we are now the largest single domestic league provider within South Australia.

Please click this link to read about what league is right for you or your child. We look forward to seeing you at a Norwood League stadium soon.

The Norwood League team